Our Staff

1 Mr. Raju Choudhary Welder
2 Mr. Bikaram Thapa Fitter/welder
3 Md. Foroj Fitter/welder
4 Mr. Bhudi Choudhary Welder
5 Mr. Raju sahani Mesh
6 Mr. Mukesh mahoto Welder
7 Md Eresad Welder
8 Mr. Denish Choudhary Welder
9 Mr. Chandra Bdr.Shresth Gabion wire
10 Miss Laxmi Choudhary Chainlink 
11 Miss Bimla Choudhary Chainlink
12 Miss Shanti Choudhary Chainlink
13 Mr. Sanjay Choudhary Gabion
14 Mr. Choto B.K Gabion
15 Mr. Arun lama Welder/Fitter
16 Md Sajad Chainlink
17 Mr. Suk Bdr.Shresth Gabion
  Steel Structure Petty Contractors for tower and Trail bridge :
1.Md. Allauddin Shek.
2. Mr. Rajesh Sharma.  
3 Muklal Sharma.

Message From MD

We are glad to introduce ourselves as a  menufacturer of chain link mesh (Compound jalli), Gabion wire box, Steel Structure, Tubular Truss, Structure Truss, Stainless Steel Truss, etc. Different kind of stainless steel works. We are providing our services to different ...